The New Dominion – The Letter to the Richmond Times Dispatch Editor they Refused to Publish

Letters to the editor by RTD readers have urged Virginia Republicans to “don’t worry – be happy” regarding the Old Dominion becoming a “Blue State”.  The Democrat party, that will soon assume complete control of virtually all state government functions, bears no reflection to conservative southern democrats that dominated state government for decades in the 20th century.

The outcome of the recent election is largely the result of demographics trends sweeping the country.  An example of these demographic changes is a statistic reported recently by media outlets that most Millennials prefer socialism.  Regardless of the social revolution of the sixties, Baby Boomers eventually settled down and adopted much of the values of our parents in the Greatest Generation. Yet, Boomer’s political influence has already begun to significantly wane.

This prospect is very disconcerting to many who love this state.  Many Virginians regard the conservative fiscal management, pro-business posture, commitment to quality education and respect for all pillars of the Bill of Rights by government officials as sound reasons to make Virginia home.  This coming “blue wave” should be regarded as more of a blue tsunami that will wipe the country clean of what we have known, draw it all out to sea, and deliver a clean landscape for the pro-socialism Democrat party to remake as they choose.

As the American electorate becomes increasingly blue, the greater the likelihood pro-socialism leaders, federal, state and local, will be elected.   Even though free market democratic capitalism has created the greatest living standard the world has ever witnessed, the “blue” tsunami will cast it aside in exchange for iron-fisted government control and unprecedented wealth transfer.  Those among us who believe in self-reliance and hard work must prepare for historic change.

If it is the will of the majority, then it is inevitable.

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