The Unimaginable Revisited

All of this focus on Donald Trump is a tempest in a teapot while the truly important matters facing this nation, and the world, are either ignored or shelved in favor of the politics of the day.  Megalomaniacal personalities like Trump, Pelosi, Schumer, Biden and Clinton expend tremendous energies angling for who will rule the roost.   When in fact, the roost is already undergoing seismic changes below our feet.

First, the American political landscape is about to take an initial gentle left turn.  Demographic trends, toward a more liberal American electorate, already show a growing majority of voters supporting social justice causes and candidates.  This trend will accelerate over the next decade culminating in the Democrat party dominating every facet of government; executive, legislative, and judicial.

Conservative elected officials, and their electorate, will be completely and totally marginalized possessing no meaningful power to shape policy nor law.  The United States will become a single party nation no different than The People’s Republic of China and the Russian Federation.  In time, as “Democratic” Socialists solidify their total control, constitutional changes will follow ensuring enduring domination and removing the means of peaceful power change exemplified by term limits.  The Bill of Rights will be “adjusted” eliminating potentially troublesome means of dissent like peaceful assembly and gun ownership.

These changes will be accompanied by unprecedented use of technology to control the population.  Every street and building will be under video surveillance.  Video images will be analyzed by AI-based systems designed to detect crime (the public premise for its existence) as well gauging the populations mood while identifying individuals (with facial recognition technology) who may represent a threat as a seditionist.  These possible seditionists will be monitored on a 24/7 basis to determine whether more direct and forceful action by “authorities” will be required.  Those deemed a threat to single party domination will be whisked off to “reeducation camps” likely to never be seen again.

By the time many of the independents and liberally minded citizens (more democratic than socialist), who initially lent their support to the social justice cause, realize it has gone too far, the opportunity to pull back will have passed.  The People’s Republic of America (PRA) will be firmly and permanently in place.  Military strategy will be “adjusted” to ensure no possible domestic threats to authoritarian control will have the opportunity to materialize into a credible threat.  Especially once guns have been removed from the citizenry the ability to rise up against tyranny will be gone forever.

All sound familiar?  How about when the socialists took complete control in Germany in the 1930s?  Then it was Jews, gypsies and “enemies of the state” carted off to “labor” camps.  And who would stop them?  Who would be there to stop the PRA from sending those with “impure thoughts” (democracy, capitalism, individual rights to peaceful assembly, and so on) to euphemistically named “re-education” (prison) camps with no due process? 

Cannot happen here some will say.  I am certain many in Germany in the 30’s said the same or were not fully aware.  There are reportedly a million people in Chinese “re-education” camps placed there with no due process quite possibly because AI-based systems and facial recognition technology deemed them a political threat, or their theology was deemed threatening.  Precisely the same thing here, and worse, is possible with a single party totalitarian regime controlling the U.S.

And who would challenge the PRA?  In Europe in the 1940’s it was the U.S. who came to the world’s rescue.  If we had not intervened the Russian totalitarian forces would have defeated Germany and taken most of Europe for themselves.  But who would come to our rescue?  Not China, not Russia, who then with any hope of success?  The answer is no one would take the risk.

And with guns now only in the hands of the government (and criminals) the possibility of a democratic advocate uprising would not be impossible.  Some gun control zealots would argue that a few handguns and rifles would be no match for a modern American military.  Isn’t that what the British thought of the American colonists?  That they couldn’t possibly win against the British imperial army and navy, the greatest military force in the world at the time.

Do you believe democracy will be allowed to spring up in Hong Kong?  The demonstrators have certainly made a lot of noise.  But quietly, carefully, this uprising too will be crushed. And nothing will be done about it.

So, for those who say it cannot happen again, it would not take much thought to remember how history has repeated itself over and over.  And never say never.  When the two-party system fails in this country and absolute power is held by the socialists (in Germany, NAZI’s were the National Socialist German Workers Party), the unimaginable will certainly be possible.

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