President Trump is the Democrats Fault

The people who support liberal political organizations, and especially their leadership, are very, very angry.  They are infuriated because President Trump won the election.  With that result the Trump administration has maintained a conservative, constructionist leaning Supreme Court, signed tax relief legislation, dismantled the intricate web of burdensome government regulation instituted over eight years by the Obama Administration (that which combined with reducing the tax burden on small business has boosted the economy to great new heights), disengaged from Obama era signature foreign policy “achievements” like the Iran Nuclear Arms deal, the list could go on.

However, should the truth be known, they are very secretly, deep in their hearts, furious with themselves. The DNC (led by DNC Chair Donna Brazile) with the admittedly rigged nomination of Hilary Clinton, as well as Hilary herself for handing part of the typical democrat constituency over to Trump with her ignoring of rust belt states, lack of empathy for blue collar workers (thanks in part to President Obama’s submission “that those jobs are gone forever”), and Clinton’s “deplorables” blunder, essentially gifted the election to Trump. 

Think about it, when your own blunders, or blunders by your team, cause catastrophic political failure, who typically gets the blame?  The other guy of course!  He cheated, he lied, he broke the law (he outsmarted us….oh wait, no not that one – scratch it!), he engaged in treason with the Russians.  So far none of these have stuck.

And very clearly President Trump is among his own worst enemies.  Do you know anyone….anyone who thinks his overall pattern of behavior is either statesman-like or presidential?  Regardless, he is the President, duly and fairly elected by the system designed by our founding fathers that has endured successfully for centuries producing many peaceful transitions of power.

It takes an enlightened and fully self-aware person to accept blame for failures by you or your team.  It takes strength and character to focus on the real problems.  The democrat leadership, having none of that, are focusing both barrels on Trump in an attempt to erase their mistakes by delegitimizing his presidency.  First unsuccessfully through the Mueller investigation, and now the impeachment process.  We’ll see where that takes us.  Clearly, if impeachment fails as well, the process will be stretched and carried on until just about this time next year.

There is nothing anyone can do about it.  We are going to have endure this spectacle of egos and sound bites for quite a bit longer.  Many just wish the democrats had just owned up to their blunders, vowed to fix them and set about in congress to actually do good things for the country.  That should have been complimented by a concerted effort to build a party platform that will attract the most voters with its originality, balanced fiscal approach, and a promise to pursue the ideals that would serve to unite most commonsense, liberally minded voters.  With the demographic trends what they are, this would almost certainly deliver democrat success in 2020.

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