The Things that Make Us Angry

Anti-immunization Movement

What makes the anti-immunization forces believe they have the right to re-introduce pestilence into this country? A country that suffered for decades, possibly centuries, and spent billions of dollars to eradicate these medical nightmares.  What self-serving arrogance!  If they are opposed to the advanced use of medical science to reduce suffering let them move to another country where these diseases and endless suffering are still readily available to them.

Do people really want to bring back the good old days of deadly diseases?  Do these people think they know more about medicine and public health than the overwhelming majority of doctors, scientists, immunologists, and every major health organization across the entire planet? They are a particularly toxic sort of narcissist who places their own beliefs over the welfare of their own children and that of the general population.  Obviously these people lack the critical thinking skills necessary to separate real science from pseudoscience.

Bad Packaging Design

For all of our fellow capitalists who completely comprehend the notion of cost savings being vital to corporate longevity; the American public, your customers, are asking you to combine cost savings with consumer-friendly packaging.  So many have complained of having wounds, sometimes severe, inflicted by sharp edges of packaging created while attempting to find some means to crack it open.  When we say consumer friendly we include environmentally neutral, as well as, easy and safe to open.

Distracted Driving

For those of you who believe you are safely driving while speaking on the phone with one hand completely occupied holding the phone to your ear, shame, shame on you!  There are many things vitally wrong with that picture but the primary transgression being you are utterly distracted. Almost as egregious is you’ve given up one hand to manage your vehicle’s behavior when your distractedness inevitably causes you to create a dangerous situation for you and those around you.  Get Bluetooth and stop being an idiot.  Or, wait for it, pull over, complete your call and then drive on.  This mobile phone behavior will eventually become illegal everywhere so you might as well wise up now and join the twenty first century.

The Mueller Report

Some are angry that Mueller’s Report did not recommend charging President Trump with obstruction of justice; or even better, treason.  How could we have 200 plus investigators and spend over $20 million and not find something to impeach him? 

For others, its anger for different reasons.  Why have we wasted $20 million dollars and spent over two years to find nothing on Trump but, more egregious, where is the investigation into the sinister basis for the fruitless witch hunt? 

So….everyone is angry about this one.

Hand Dryers

Have you ever wondered why healthcare facilities do not install electric fan hand dryers?  It is because studies have found they contribute to hospital-acquired infection.  In fact, the scrubbing action of towel use is critically important to the removal of pathogens from your hands.

In 2014, a team of researchers from the University of Leeds dropped a disturbing truth bomb on the public by announcing that the no-touch jet-air dryers in public restrooms are anything but sanitary. They found that these increasingly popular devices blast bacteria from people’s poorly washed hands (most people don’t wash their hands correctly) into the air and onto nearby surfaces in disturbing quantities, increasing the likelihood that you’ll walk out of the bathroom covered in other people’s germs.

In lab-based experiments recreating a public washroom, jet-air dryers introduced 27 times more bacteria into the air than good-old-fashioned paper towels, and these microbes circulated for 15 minutes afterward.

Now, the authors are back with even more evidence against hand dryers, this time from real-world experiments.

As reported in the Journal of Hospital Infection, Professor Mark Wilcox and his colleagues set out to examine how hand drying methods affect bacterial spread in hospital bathrooms – an important issue because many serious and antibiotic-resistant infections are known to circulate in clinical settings.

The investigation was conducted in hospitals in three cities – Leeds, Paris, and Udine, Italy – over a 12-week period. For each location, two restrooms used by patients, staff, and visitors were selected, and each was set up to offer only a jet dryer or paper towels. Samples of the air and swabs of restroom surfaces were taken every day for four weeks, then, after a two-week pause in collections, each restroom switched to offer the alternate drying method. This process was then repeated a third time.

Cultures from these samples revealed that the total amount of bacteria in the air and on surfaces was consistently much higher in all restrooms when jet dryers were being used. The most dramatic differences were seen between the surface of the jet dryer itself and the surface of the paper towel dispenser: In Udine, the dryer was covered in 100 times more bacteria, in Paris it was 33-fold higher, and in Leeds it was 22-fold.

In the UK restrooms, the notorious methicillin-resistant Staphylococcus aureus (MRSA) bacterium was found three times more frequently during jet dryer usage periods than paper towel periods. Bacterial species resistant to both penicillin and cephalosporins (known as ESBL-producing organisms) and species of pathogenic enterococci – a difficult-to-treat group – were found in significantly higher frequency and counts during these periods as well.

In the Parisian and Italian hospitals, few pathogenic or drug-resistant bacteria were encountered during either hand drying set-up.

“Consequently, we believe that electric hand dryers are not suited to clinical settings, and, as such, existing (e.g. NHS) infection control building guidance needs to be amended and strengthened,” Wilcox’s team wrote, adding that there is little justification for their use in any public setting given the risks they present.1

Environmental effects may tip a tiny bit to the dryer.  There appears to be a case that energy necessary to completely dry your hands is many times that needed to produce a paper towel. Think about the environmental impact to burn the coal or the natural gas necessary to run the dryer for a couple minutes versus the energy needed to produce a single paper towel in a highly efficient factory producing millions a day.

For anyone whose had a hospital stay lately, the war on hospital-acquired infections is evident everywhere. These infections are killers.  If hospitals fear hand dryers that much, why would you want to use one anywhere?


Mean People

There are so many excuses available for people to be mean.  The excuses include a myriad of types of trauma; depression or mental illness; merely living in the greater D.C. Area (nowhere else in the world are there that many outright mean and nasty individuals) or other environmental causes.   

So why must they spew their hatefulness upon everyone including those of us whose primary style is kindness and generosity?  Apparently their sad existence causes them to wish to extinguish any joy and happiness around them.

Their meanness is a highly contagious and dangerous societal pathogen.  Fortunately some people, not exposed to the pathogen with any frequency, are able to shrug it off and return to their better nature. But if one is exposed to it often enough, their defenses are sufficiently weakened as to succumb to the gravitational pull of the black hole of mean.

Left Lane Cruisers

Does it appear to you as though there are more left lane cruisers now than ever?  Is it the aging population or is it just self-serving arrogance?  Some observe that this menace to safe navigation of our highways come in many varieties; the young and old, male and female, the dingleberries and the dimwits.  

Regardless, they are creating danger for everyone around them, especially those cruisers who travel at a speed less than the prevailing general speed of the surrounding traffic.  These slower cruisers, combined with the witless wonders who will do anything, no matter how crowded the roadways are, to go around them while frightening everyone with their recklessness, make highway driving miserable. This self-serving behavior makes highway travel far more dangerous than it should be.

In Virginia left lane cruising is illegal as it is in several other states.  Yet you see it endlessly on our highways.  Why?  Primarily because there are insufficient police patrols to cite them and deter the behavior.  Secondarily they are either witless in their knowledge of the law (not an acceptable excuse), or they are arrogantly disregarding the law thus creating a severe hazard for others. 

Why don’t they just move to the right lane for their cruising?  Well, in the right lane they may be “inconvenienced” by entering and departing traffic.  Or, by other drivers driving slower than they are.  By cruising in the far-left lane they experience none of these “problems”.

So, just something else to both aggravate you and frighten you with no solution in sight.

Impatient People

Impatience is one of seven basic character flaws or “dark” personality traits. We all have the potential for impatient tendencies, but in people with a strong fear of missing out, impatience can become a dominant pattern.

To be impatient is to feel and show hostility towards (or at least about) things which obstruct, frustrate or delay [achieving] one’s goals. Impatient people resent being held up, whether intentionally by another person or just accidentally in the normal course of events.

Impatience has some similarity to the emotion of anger. Animals and people alike become enraged in response to deliberate outside threats to their well-being, or the well-being of their loved ones. The anger is partly an expression of the fear that comes from being threatened, invaded or mistreated, and partly a sort of warning shot, a firm “No!” to deter the outside threat from going any further.

Impatience is also somewhat different from anger, however, in that the impatient person is predisposed to perceive virtually all situations as threatening—not to their survival per se but to [achieving] their goals. More exactly, it is as if their survival depends upon the accomplishment of as many goals as possible as quickly as possible.1

When observing impatience, it can sometimes appear almost viral in its occurrence and frequency.  Obstacles (mainly us, the non-impatient people), regardless of the circumstance i.e. difficult traffic situations, or, long lines of people waiting for some service to be performed, become the objects of their outrage. The lengthier the delay or the more frustrating the “obstacle” becomes, the angrier, more frustrated and aggressive the impatient ones become.  Sometimes they attack each other but mostly their rage is focused on the innocent obstacles.

So, it takes a great deal of patience and maturity to attempt to ignore the impatient ones and their foolishness.  Short of a life-threatening situation, how important can the goal be relative to treating everyone around you (the “obstacles”) as sub-human.


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