Body Cam

I am binge watching on-demand TV program “Body Cam”.   So interesting and vitally important.  Every American should be required to watch at least the first three episodes.  Anyone with a heart and brain will then be hooked.  So enlightening and illustrative of what our policemen, policewomen and their departments are truly about; to protect and serve.   The danger they endure every day is mind blowing when you see the undeniable truth of the body camera footage.  These heroes truly deserve our respect and support.

It also demonstrates how we have dumped the issue of mental illness in their laps.  State governments must step up and fully fund programs to assist those most seriously ill.  So many are potentially dangerous to themselves, their loved ones, the public and most egregiously to the police.  Police who truly wish to help yet do not have the training and resources necessary to prevent potentially life-threatening escalation into crisis.

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