Universal Awareness the Sole Domain of Human Intelligence?

Our perception of the universe and all of its history, potential, componentry and vastness is only significant in the human mind.  The discoveries via Hubble, Chandra and the like are only meaningful to an intelligence that can conceptualize its significance. 

Place that data and imagery in front of a sea otter to a mountain lion and the reaction will be underwhelming.  Put them in front of reasonably well-educated humans and the reaction would range from boorish indifference to profound fascination.

The reality is, as far as we know, the only entity in the universe that can fathom the importance of the big bang, to massive back holes, to the theoretical end of the universe, are humans.  The universe doesn’t know we are here, but we humans have some sense of its implication because we have the ability to observe, process and ascribe meaning to it all.

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