The Beginning of the End of American Capitalism and Free Enterprise

The Rubicon has been crossed.  Trump, as desperately flawed as he was as president, will be the last Republican president, ever.  Even with his coarse personality and “unpresidential” ways, Trump will be the last person to hold the office to embrace American style capitalism and free enterprise so dearly.  The forces supporting our system of government and  a free enterprise, market-driven economy, that produced the greatest standard of living for the greatest number of people the world has ever witnessed, gave it everything they had in a desperate attempt to hold off the inevitable for four more years.  A mighty effort it was, but doomed to failure. The forces presented by overwhelming demographic trends are on an irresistible march toward the panacea called Socialism.

President Joe Biden will quickly begin to support the ideals of the socialist left and systematically dismantle virtually everything that was done to create the best economy in the last fifty years.  The only temporary “handbrake”, that will only slow the descent into what Senator Sanders euphemistically calls “democratic socialism”, is the slim majority Republicans managed to hold in the United States Senate.  The final result is yet to be determined however.  That last flickering light of market-driven capitalism and free enterprise will be consumed by the darkness of a government-controlled economy in fewer than ten years.

The wisest among the democrats will be careful not to call the desired state “Socialism”.  The term “equity or equality in outcomes” will be the battle cry.  That allowing free markets to determine outcomes is inherently unfair so government must step in to take control of certain market functions.  And, that increased wealth transfer is the only path to social justice.

A major next step will be the introduction of a “government option” in healthcare markets.  This will eventually lead to the crowding out of private healthcare insurance and the creation of a National Healthcare Service that will ensure mediocre healthcare for all, well, with the exception of the wealthy.  Their financing of the democrat candidates (Biden’s nearly one billion dollar campaign war chest compared to Trump’s just over 500 million as an example) will make certain that healthcare for the elites (including members of Congress and the Administration) will remain available.  This is the case in the U.K.  Home of the vaulted NHS has, yes you guessed it, private health services for the wealthy.  This while NHS patrons wait months for a simple doctor appointment and months to years for elective surgery like hip replacements (as if they were “elective”).  Even in the Russian Federation and the People’s Republic of China there are thousands of billionaires.  Only there, the government decides who they will be while the number of those living in poverty remains in the hundreds of millions.

Why is this blue wave a virtual certainty?  Demographic trends are the key to the democrat’s future political dominance.  Virginia is a state on the vanguard of this blue wave.  Virginia was a state that was reliably republican in presidential elections.  The state legislature vastly conservative for 60 years, even when democrats gained control of one of either the State Senate or the House of Delegates, the Governorship was held by a republican and those Virginia democrats would be considered very conservative by todays standards.  They would be unwelcome in today’s Democrat party.

In the last ten years large metropolitan areas of the State of Virginia, aside from northern Virginia which always had some balance politically, have steadily moved to the left.  In 2016 perennially republican Chesterfield county, a Richmond suburban enclave, voted for a democrat for governor for the first time since 1961.  Chesterfield’s population has exploded from 100,000 in 1970 to 353,000 in 2019.  Huge increases among Blacks, Hispanics and Asian races have tilted the county toward the democrat coalition.    Chesterfield is among 10 urban and suburban Virginia localities with populations between 200,000 and 1 million on which democrats have increasingly relied for statewide races since 20012.  If a democrat candidate carries all of them, there are not enough votes in the remaining 123 counties and cities for an opponent to catch up.2  Since 2019 democrats have held all state-wide government positions (Governor, Lt. Governor and Attorney General) as well as a majority in the State Senate and the House of Delegates.  The republicans will never gain control over any of them ever again.  As John Watkins, the former republican State Senator from Chesterfield, recently stated, “The demographics are changing…There are a lot of young people there with very different views on government.”2  Republicans are stuck, outnumbered and isolated.  Chesterfield is a microcosm of the GOP’s biggest problem [nationally}.2  Pete Stith, a retired deputy county manager…said the county’s political transformation has been coming for years.  “I’ve been saying the old people are dying off and the young people are moving in.”2

This is not a southern or regional phenomenon; it is occurring nationally.  Georgia is one of eight states where more than half the eligible voters under 40 are nonwhite.  Florida, the most important swing state, is another.  This is the first year when a majority of eligible voters in Texas are nonwhite1.  So, this trend is unmistakable and will be increasingly more reliable for liberal democrats and even avowed Socialist candidates for the foreseeable future.

1Some Statistics to Enliven Election Night – George Will’s column November 1,2020 – Washington Post Writers Group

2”Virginia Politics have Intruded on Virginia’s Never Never Land” Richmond Times Dispatch column by Jeff Schapiro 11/8/2020

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