Congresswoman Spanberger Revealed – A Letter to the Editor that the Richmond Times Dispatch would not Publish

In 2018 Abigail Spanberger’s television ads were not too dissimilar from those being broadcast today.  No mention of her party affiliation.  Her ads attempt to portray her, as they did in 2018, as a moderate who wishes to be perceived as a candidate that represents all constituents in her district.  In fact in 2018, she stated she will represent all the constituents including the 49.6% who did not vote for her.  Nothing could be further from the truth.

I welcome her constituents to examine her voting record as a freshman congresswoman.  In fact, her voting record reveals her voting performance as aligning with the Democrat Caucus the vast majority of the time.  Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez, a devoted Socialist, voted with President Trump more often than she did.  In the 79 votes tracked by a feature of The New York Times online and renamed FiveThirtyEight: Nate Silver’s Political Calculus, Congresswoman Spanberger voted with the President 7 times; less than 10%.   Of the 26 votes tracked by the American Conservative Union in 2019 Congresswoman Spanberger voted in favor of the ACU position 3 times or 11.5%.  This is no way can be perceived as the position of a politically balanced moderate who claims to represent all constituents.

Clearly Congresswoman Spanberger’s intent is to deceive.  First in her 2018 campaign ads that did not reveal her party affiliation and pledged to represent all of her constituents.  Now her current set of ads claims she is working with Republicans and Democrats when her voting record demonstrates her performance thus far is anything but balanced with virtually no attempt to be bipartisan.

To all the voters of the 7th Virginia congressional district, I ask is this the sort of less than honest person you wish to represent you?

Curt Rasmussen

Glen Allen, VA

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