Failing Grades and a Ray of Hope

In a couple previous posts, the topic of the declining levels of public school student success, despite increased focus and funding, was presented.  That possibly the system needs more accountability than new funding.  That bloated public school administrations across the country are sapping the funds needed in the classroom while producing many new programs that are apparently yielding no discernible success.  These failures are highlighted in lower SOL performance, lower proficient reader percentages and lower graduation rates.

Locally a ray of hope has made an appearance.  The newly appointed Superintendent of Richmond Virginia Public Schools is working closely with the elected School Board to substantially reduce bloat in his administration.  This rather than find budget cuts elsewhere that would directly impact the quality of education at the classroom level.  Cuts that would likely come from desperately needy areas like building maintenance, new construction or classroom size.

For those about to lose their administrative positions we must have sympathy.  But welcome to the real world where performance actually matters.  Time to reinvent yourself as there are plenty of unfilled positions in the American workplace. 

Hopefully this will signal just the beginning of a new era of accountability in public education.   Accountability that must also reach into the classroom.

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