The Inevitable and its Transformative Effect

“In the past it’s come and gone                 
I feel like I can’t go on without love”

The Young Rascals – Lyrics from the 1960’s mega-hit “I’ve Been Lonely Too Long”

Many Republicans across the country are feeling this way right about now.  The lyrics from a true decades-old favorite further “I keep hopin’ with all my mind Everything gonna turn out right” – the numbers do not appear to bear out what Republicans keep hoping for.

The march of demographic change in America will leave its mark on the political landscape in unquestionable ways.  To deny it, would be an exercise in self-delusion.  China, with its iron-fisted control of everything Chinese and beyond, can send Muslim immigrants to “re-education camps” in a not-so-subtle effort to maintain absolutism and preserve Chinese cultural integrity.  Thanks to the wisdom of our founding fathers, that sort of absolutism cannot happen here. 

Or can it……. some may draw similar parallels to what it’s like to be an impressionable young adult on American campuses today.  The Young Republican gatherings are not exactly bustin out of the campus meeting spaces.  And good luck even having a conservative-minded speaker to an open event on campus without massive and sometimes violent protests. This is just one clearly well-functioning tenet in the Liberal operative playbook.  Effective as the “re-education camps” in China without the whiff of brainwashing and absolutism.

The likely near-term future will present itself in strokes of the liberal political operators’ paintbrush; some bold strokes but many ever so subtle.  Here, in the world’s most successful cultural caldron of diversity and assimilation, a variable political imbalance in favor of Liberals, that has endured with few exceptions for centuries, is destined for long term significant increases in the ranks of voters who associate themselves with social justice causes1.

The collective Liberal intelligencia know full well of, and are very complicit in, the erosion of factory and mining jobs in this country.  President Obama’s assertion that factory jobs moved offshore are “gone for good”, and clean energy will shut down much of the need for mining labor, rings the bell of meaningful change in the focus of Liberal strategists and operatives.  Helping corporate leaders reduce cost at the expense of American workers (the height of hypocrisy) has turned many of those leaders into stalwart Democrat party supporters and, much more importantly, big campaign donors. 

Seeing a substantial portion of their former working class traditional blue-collar base becoming displaced and disenfranchised has led to the full adoption and support of open borders (many prominent members of the Democrat party in Congress supported strong border control for years with several notable supporting votes (when it suited them politically).   Open borders have already and will continue to bring insurmountable millions to the liberal voting ranks.  Additionally, based on recent polls, women are opting for candidates leading with a social justice message1.

Thus, the near future will bring iron-fisted Liberal control of both chambers of Congress, then the Presidency (and with that eventually the Supreme Court).  This will, without doubt, pave the way for Euro-style socialism in less than a decade and the virtual societal disappearance of the Judeo-Christian principals that guided our founding fathers.

Candidate Trump’s outwitting of the Democrat party leadership, by speaking directly to the working-class voters who felt abandoned by President Obama and then insulted by Secretary Clinton, led to a single anomalous event that will not be repeated.  Liberals believe that Trump is so beatable that they are streaming to the federal election authorities by the dozens to make application for their candidacy. 

The undeniable logic of what is financially prudent and fiscally possible, voiced by conservative political elements, will be drowned out by the drumbeat of social injustice.  The trend in real numbers of vote-eligible citizens conditioned to the social justice message, compared to those exposed to the truth of what makes the American Capitalistic system function successfully, will forge a new, wholly unbalanced electorate.  These messages will be reinforced daily by the main stream media networks aligned with Liberal causes.

Some among the immigrants will rise as small business owners that will develop a clear understanding of how the system functions.  Unfortunately, there will just not be enough of them to materially alter the inevitable. Their voices will not even be enough to prevent Liberals from crushing the spirit of small business owners with huge tax burdens labeling them as “the rich”.  All while accepting hundreds of millions in campaign contributions from wealthy executives of large corporations and Hollywood types.

So, if these assertions made here are close to correct, then what?  Well, you can take a good, hard look at what is happening in Europe.  The French people, for example, have had many promises made to them about social justice.  The French workers have had it pretty good for a few decades at the expense of the so-called “wealthy” (tax surcharges for the “wealthy”, combined with typical income tax and social program taxes, drive their total tax burden well in excess of 50% of income2). 35-hour work weeks, 12+ holidays a year plus most of August off, “free” healthcare, “free” daycare in the schools starting at age 3 and a government pension that promised a life style equal to that of their working life.   Plus, “free” social programs for an adequate safety net for the less fortunate. 

In exchange huge “social system” taxes were levied plus a substantial income tax.  Even if the French wanted to save for retirement, they truly could not.  So most working-class French do not have any savings to speak of.  For most working-class French citizens. their ability to save almost anything is made nearly impossible as the massive tax burden, and the promise of “being taken care of”, suppresses any desire strong enough to endure the sacrifice to save.  And even if they had substantial savings the government will only provide minimal (FDIC-like) protection against bank failure.

And now you see the clear evidence, from world-wide news sources, that the proverbial chicken is coming home to roost.  The French economy is perpetually weak.   Consequently, job growth and wage growth have suffered for years while the EU has allowed millions from the Middle East to “move in” to France and other EU member nations (open borders is constitutional for all EU nations and the main reason for Brexit).  The economy is throttled by high taxes and other factors.  So, tax revenues do not meet optimistic estimates and government costs rise exceeding revenues.  Thus, taxes are raised and raised.  Meanwhile, rising taxes and inflation are eating into the French paychecks and pension checks.  To the point that the French people are VERY angry.  Shared in previous posts, the working-class riots in France have shaken the nation and its government.  The message is loud and clear; taxes are too high, and our government benefits do not meet their promise.  The French government is in a vice-like conundrum.  Yes Marie Antionette, you cannot have your cake and eat it too.

And it’s not just France – the British government-run, single payer healthcare system is creeping into citizen’s refrigerators and individual rights.  “British officials just proposed limiting the number of calories permitted in thousands of foods sold in restaurants and grocery stores,” according to Sally C. Pipes’ column on December 14, 2018.  If we allow government to gain full control of the healthcare system in this country this sort of authoritarian, socialist control of your food choices is right around the corner.

In the U.S., when Liberals are in full control of the federal treasury as well as state governments, Liberal party members will march forward with the social justice driven programs. Taxes will rise precipitously on the “wealthy” (any household earning more than $150,000 per year according to President Obama).  But then that won’t be nearly enough.  The new “social system tax”, to fund wide ranging social system benefits and payments, will be expanded (along with means testing for those thought “too wealthy” to receive equal benefits) and new taxes will be required of every taxpayer earning more than poverty level incomes. Fold in a single payer, government-run healthcare system and other “social justice” programs including welfare, healthcare, housing for new immigrant populations (as a result of an open borders policy).  The “payoff” for all these additional taxes will be government saying it “will take care of you”.

The prophecy will be fulfilled, the conundrum achieved again, this time here in America.  A decade or two down the road, when the weight of the taxes, the cost of housing, the perpetual weak economy, rampant crime is in its full glory (especially after new gun controls laws and no one except the criminals and terrorists have them), the liberals will then have to deal with social unrest not unlike France, likely worse.  Millions riot in the streets with hundreds killed and injured.  The government will cave by increasing benefits and raising taxes on the “wealthy” and businesses.  The economy will collapse under the pressure….and the anarchists will have achieved their goal, the destruction of the world’s greatest success story.

1Quoting from George Will’s column titled “Intelligent Life in the Democratic Party” of January 3, 2019 – “The Economist, noting that Trump’s approval rating is ‘stratified by age’, reports that baby boomers — those born between 1946 and 1964 – who have been America’s largest cohort for more that five decades will in 2019 be outnumbered by millennials, those born between 1981 and 1996.  Boomers are – were; they are shuffling off stage – almost 75% white; Millennials are 56% white.  In this year’s mid-term elections, Democrats won two thirds of voters ages 18 to 29 and 71% of millennial women.”

“Furthermore, the GOP, which thinks of itself as the redoubt of the devout, is competing in an increasingly secular country.  The Economist says that ‘Nones’ – people with no religion – ‘already outnumber Catholics and mainline protestants,’ and in 2019 might outnumber evangelicals.”

“Furthermore, the New York Times reports that with the Democrat’s capture of New York’s 11th Congressional District, which includes Staten Island and part of Brooklyn, Republicans now hold no ‘truly urban’ district.   Since Republicans lost four Orange County, California, seats in November – the Democrats only lost two seats nationally – there will be no Republican from there in Congress for the first time since 1940.  And there will be no Republican from New England.”


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