What Can I say?

The title of my introduction implies I am considering sharing some thoughts. Well….I believe I have quite a bit to say but….we’ll see about that.

I have thought for many years about writing as a vocation and an avocation. I have a couple reasonable ideas for books but I am uncertain I can muster that level of commitment at this stage. Blogging presents a couple of intriguing notions for me. First, I can see if I can sit my severely ADD keyster down frequently enough to demonstrate some writing discipline. Second, I have longed for an outlet for my observations and perspectives on a very wide range of topics.

I cannot promise that my notions will be deeply academically researched. I can only say they are generated by whatever brain power and logic I can muster, some amount of time in the thought caldron, and will always come from the heart.

So if you are here, then welcome and thank you. If care to comment your thoughts are always welcome; provided they are presented in a civil tone. I am a great believer in civility, especially in disagreement and intellectual discourse.

Oh, I almost forgot, the blog’s name and its potential intended meaning. I have always found the willow tree to be a bit fascinating. Widely rooted as well as reaching upward toward the heavens, its branches reach almost directly back down to the earth. Rooted, yet shallowly, implying a sturdy outward appearance but hiding a high level of tenuousness and vulnerability to mother nature’s harsh side. How all that relates to what happens here we’ll have to see…

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